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Elijah at Horeb Crossword Contest

Eliyahu ben David Crossword ContestHave you ever given your very best, and still it wasn’t enough to accomplish your goal?  Pretty frustrating, huh? This latest Eliyahu ben David Crossword Contest focuses on a period in the life of Elijah the Prophet when he was experiencing that very same emotion. In fact, he was so distressed about his perceived failure that he asked God to take his life! While I don’t recommend such prayers, I’m happy to note that YHWH answered Elijah’s prayer, not by taking his life, but by addressing Elijah’s underlying concerns and then sending him out to do battle another day. Sometimes all we really need is a little attitude adjustment, no?  You can find this account in 1 Kings 19. All of the answers for our latest Eliyahu ben David Crossword Contest can be found in that chapter.

This section of Scripture makes for a stimulating Bible study, and we are presently discussing this passage in my radio program, On the Road to Tsiyon.  Come and listen if you want to learn a lot more about it.

As for this new crossword contest, play it for fun and maybe win a prize! What prize you ask? An autographed copy of Announcing Judgment Day – a unique Hebraic perspective on the Book of Revelation and Bible Prophecy.

Giveaway Details for this Contest

A. Contest ends on June 30, 2012. The winner will be announced back here with an update to this post, and will be notified via email with further instructions.

B. The online puzzle includes a little help. You won’t be disqualified for using that if you want. The way we’ve done this, everyone can play. It’s more fun though, to do as much as you can without help. You’ll see what I mean when you work with the puzzle.

C. A winner will be selected from all entries using You get your Primary Entry by emailing me a screenshot of your puzzle at postmaster[at] Leaving me a comment on this post saying you completed the puzzle and sent it in will help me avoid errors.

Bonus Entries

You can get credit for Bonus Entries. Each Bonus Entry is another chance to win. You must submit a Primary Entry to qualify for Bonus Entries. Following are things you can do to receive bonus entries:

Bonus Entry #1: Leave a comment about your participation in the contest.
Bonus Entry #2: Subscribe at this site for updates.
Bonus Entry #3: Follow me on Twitter.
Bonus Entry #4: Re-tweet the contest to friends.
Bonus Entry #7: Email the contest to friends
Bonus Entry #8: Post the contest on your blog or webpage.

Crossword Puzzle Link:

Elijah at Horeb Crossword (Play online or download at this link)

There’s the puzzle. Enjoy!



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**NOTE: If you receive email updates and wish to enter this giveaway, click on the title of this giveaway to get to the site and then follow instructions above!

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  1. ginny ginny

    Awesome crossword.. and a bit trickier this time I think! I sent you my entry already, can’t get enough of your books 🙂
    Thank you, I also shared it on facebook!

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