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Lies Everywhere!

Saul Brain Chains Shattered Acts chapter 9 verses 1 to 22 Lies. Deceptions. Half-truths. Spin. More lies. Spoof emails. Telemarketing scams. Click bait. Identity theft: someone else pretending to be you. Misrepresentation. Coercion. Hacking. Cyber-attacks. Marketing. Fake news. Mass hypnosis. Mind control. What is all that? Read more . . .

Note: Our next public live stream will be Nov 14, 8PM CST. We have been live streaming weekly this past month. If you are looking for the live stream today, you will find it inside the Tsiyon Tabernacle available exclusively to Tsiyon Ministry partners where we will be studying Acts Chapter 9 together in Tsiyon Academy. After the live-stream meeting concludes, a recording will be made available to all Tsiyon Tabernacle Torah Club partners.

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Birth of Messiah

Is it possible to know, from Scripture, the birth date or birth year of Messiah? Do you think you already know the date of His birth? Is it important? The answer to all of these questions and more is plain. You can know with absolute certainty when Messiah was born. Study Scripture after Scripture laying out the exact information you need to be certain. It is an excellent way to begin the celebration of the Feasts of Tabernacle / Sukkot! Fabulous time
Know for certain Messiah's birth date and year from Scripture

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7 Days of Creation – Ages of the World Video Series

It is a known fact that in any crisis those who accept reality early, and adapt with faith, courage and a sound mind, are the ones who overcome. That’s why I’ve been speaking harsh reality for decades. Not to discourage people or to ruin their fun. No. I want to prepare them for the end of the world. For real. Most still don’t want to hear it. Yet, those who are ready for a teachable moment will benefit greatly from this Ages of the World video series.

Remember this: the end of the world is not just one heart-stopping moment. It is a series of years shaped like a funnel. Everyone gets dumped into the large end, and then meets many obstacles along the way, with a growing number being eliminated at each new compression. It is not just the end you have to worry about. It is every one of the lesser ends along the way that you will need to get past. If you overcome them all, then you will be among the small group of overcomers who emerge victorious at the final end of the funnel – to enter into indescribable and eternal joy! Whatever you do, See these videos! See these videos! Seven Days of Creation is the first video in this Ages of the World video series. Join us here at 8PM CST to view 7 Days of Creation.

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What happens when we all LOVE Elohim?

What happens when we all LOVE Elohim?

Let’s find out! Please join us for a lovely evening exploring “What Happens when we all Love Elohim?” –our next live stream meeting in the Restoring the Assembly video series. You can view the meeting right here on our website. September 16, 2020 at 8PM CST

“Eye has not seen, and ear has not heard,” now has it risen up into the heart of man, the things which Elohim has prepared for those that love Him.
1 Corinithians 2:9

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Wonderland is getting crazy!

Poisonous Roots Trouble the Assembly Hebrews 12:15

Wonderland is getting crazy! Read more . . .

Have you noticed that wonderland is getting a little bit crazy? Join best-selling Messianic author and anointed Scripture teacher, Eliyahu ben David, for an evening of examining Poisonous Roots Trouble the Assembly, which is the next installment in the  “Restoring the Assembly” video series streaming exclusively inside Tsiyon Tabernacle. Read today’s newest Tsiyon News edition for more details.

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Wanna be free?

Restoring the Assembly video series Personal freedom vs kingdom duty image with Matthew 22 37-40 verse quoted
Do you want to be free? Of course you do! Being free to make your own choices is one of the key characteristics demonstrating that we, human beings, are created in the image of God. Had we been created as we are, except without the capacity for freedom, we would be machines, not people. Even the word ‘freedom’ has powerful emotive force, instantaneously evoking strong emotions. The normal response to the word ‘freedom’ is almost exclusively positive. ‘Freedom’ seems noble and admirable. It is hard to imagine anyone being opposed to it. In fact, many people have gone to war and laid down their lives for the cause of freedom, of liberty.

This brings us back to my opening question: Do you want to be free? While we all would be inclined to answer ‘yes’, perhaps we would do better answering that question with a question: what do you mean by ‘free’? read more of this Tsiyon News edition…

Also, don’t miss this evening’s live-stream meeting on the same topic, available exclusively inside Tsiyon Tabernacle. The stream begins at 8 PM CST.  If you are not already a Tsiyon Tabernacle member you can register today to join us, or log in for this evening’s Partner-Only live-stream available here or tap the image below.

wanna be free personal freedom vs kingdom duty
Login to Tsiyon Tabernacle to view this new live-streamed meeting and Scripture study on 9/2/2020 at 8PM CST. This is the next edition within the Restoring the Assembly video series. After the live-stream concludes, the recording will be made available to Tsiyon Tabernacle partners.
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