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Author: Zarach Publishing

Victory Over Death

Eliyahu ben David, suffered a “widow-maker” heart attack on March 8, 2016, and died on the table in the hospital, under the care of a state of the art cardiac team. Eliyahu’s blood was literally congealing in his veins. The lead doctor of the cardiac team later said it was beyond his expertise and the latest technology to revive Eliyahu, saying he could not take credit for the amazing recovery from death.

Eliyahu says, that’s where the resurrection life within him kicked in, bringing him back to life again. One week later Eliyahu was recorded on video explaining his amazing experience. This is his video report of the event.

He has swallowed up death forever! YHWH will wipe away tears from off all faces. He will take the reproach of his people away from off all the earth, for YHWH has spoken it. Isaiah 25:8

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Book Trailer: The Messianic Revelation Series Announcing Judment Day

Did you sense the global spiritual shift that occurred in 2008? The author predicted in advance the very changes that started unfolding upon the world during that year. His Radio listeners have seen the occurrence of predicted events as confirmation of this Revelation Bible Prophecy. Break the barrier of superficiality that clouds most teachings on Revelation. This unique Hebraic approach will help you to have a sense of certainty about what Revelation really means as Revelation will become as relevant to your daily life as your morning newspaper. According to this Hebraic account of Revelation, Divine judgments that have waited for millennia are now being unrolled upon the world. The insights gained from rightly understanding Revelation can aid you personally to be prepared for these judgment events, so that you can emerge through them with a favorable outcome.

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Ministry Partner Annoucement

Announced to Tsiyon Ministry Partners the free download and pre-publication orders of the new book in the Messianic Revelation Series by Eliyahu ben David during the weekly meetings for ministry partners. Everyone was excited to see a preview of what’s to come. Zarach Publishing recently interviewed ben David about his upcoming book and published the conent to the new Messianic Revelation book series web site.

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Wanna Share?

Want a great way to share an On The Road To Tsiyon broadcast with one of your friends?  Want to ask the local radio station to carry Tsiyon Radio programing, but need a sample copy to point them do?  Check out the Internet Archive.  They have a copy of the popular program: The Matrix-Two Worlds available for download from their web site in various formats including: an audio stream, VBR MP3, Ogg Vorbis, and MP3.

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