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TSIYON NEWS: What Does it Mean?

Tap image to read this edition of the Tsiyon News:  What is going on in American...and what does it mean?

From Eliyahu

In my last Tsiyon News I wrote:

“..The exposure of the failed cognitive condition of Joe Biden has revealed that the American people have been lied to for months, if not years, in an unprecedented cover-up of the truth regarding the true nature of the American government. It is now obvious that some other invisible power structure has been running America. For how long? Who are these unelected overlords? What is their true agenda? What have they done to America? It now should be self-evident to all that a soft coup has replaced government of-by-and-for the people that is the very definition of America-as-founded. Whatever this country is right now, it is not America. America has fallen. We don’t even know for sure who exactly is running the country, or how they are doing it.”

All of that is still true, mind you. Nevertheless, It is amazing how much an already complex situation can change even more in one week.

You know what I’m talking about. Everyone knows because everyone is talking about…Read More…

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