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Lord of the Rings – Insights into the growing darkness of this Last Age

From Eliyahu

Consider this:

Perceiving the hidden things.2020 may be the darkest year in living memory. Fires across Australia, locust plagues of Biblical proportions in multiple countries, natural disasters, and the awful and confusing shock of Coronavirus killing hundreds of thousands and bringing the world to a near standstill for months – with no end in sight. The global economy is faltering, with all kinds of shortages, jobs lost, businesses destroyed, houses of worship vacated -all by government decree. On the international level, nations are reeling, old disputes are erupting into violence and turmoil between nations, and the entire international order is overturned. Follow this up with devastating social unrest, cities burning, violence and murder, police under fire, historical monuments that have survived for many decades now being toppled and destroyed in the streets by unruly mobs, and, through all this, public officials refuse to uphold and enforce the law – even commending and literally bowing down to the lawbreakers, leaving ordinary citizens fearing for their safety and security, and even more so, for their future. In a time of unprecedented technology with a potential for greater enlightenment than ever before, the world has instead, sunk into a dense darkness of barbarism characterized by ignorance, rage, and profound confusion. An inexplicable mental illness seems to have engulfed the world. Why? Find out when you join Eliyahu ben David for this timely message regarding the Lord of the Rings – Insights into the growing darkness of this Last Age. In this live streamed presentation Eliyahu will use the Lord of the Rings to highlight the growing darkness of this last age of the world. Read more about it in this week’s Tsiyon News edition or join us for the live stream here at 8PM CST today, June 20th.

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The Future of Humanity?

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the devil’s chess board

the excerpt, below, is from this week’s Tsiyon News edition

Consider this:
Have you ever played chess? It is played upon a board of 64 squares arranged in an 8×8 grid. Each player begins with 16 pieces, typically either black or white. Each piece type has its own unique moves. However, any of the pieces except the king may be sacrificed or taken in the course of the game. The ultimate objective is to checkmate the opponent color’s king by placing it under an inescapable threat from which it cannot move. To this end, pieces of one color are used to attack and capture the pieces of the other color, while supporting other pieces of the same color. The game typically involves exchanging pieces in an effort to find and manipulate opportunities to advance one’s position in a strategy to win. Although played upon a board, chess is an entirely mental war game utilizing such elements as projection of power, fear of loss, misdirection, and deceit, all for the purpose of manipulating the defeat of the opposing color. The devil is in the details. [To avoid any misunderstanding with anyone, the black and white I’m talking about above has nothing to do with race, and both colors are entirely equal in the game. “Black and white” is also an age-old metaphor for good and evil. None of this is referring to race. Actually, there is only one race – the human race, putting us all on the same footing in this metaphor.]
In our metaphor the devil’s chessboard is the world. [For those who get distracted by such things, I do know the devil’s hand is probably not red. This is a symbol, not meant to be taken literally. It is a spiritual parable, meant to help us better understand something about the real world.] Again, in our metaphor the devil’s chessboard is the world.

Which world is that? The Bible reveals at least three worlds. They here to read the rest of this newsletter or here to subscribe.

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CCP Virus a Bio-Weapon?

What does the CCP Virus have to do with Noah and Noah’s ark? Read more about it in this week’s Tsiyon News edition and tune in for the live stream at 8PM CST April 21st.

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Will We Ever Get our Freedom Back Again?

The Bible has the answers for the novel coronavirus!

Highlights of this 8-hour mega stream.
* Will we ever get our freedom back?
* What the Bible says about dealing with contagion.
* Exclusive interview with Corona-19 China refugees.
* What’s behind the CCP-Virus Biological Weapon
* Massive Prayer Initiative: Get the prayer you need!

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Passover Deliverance of Freedom

Countries are restricting freedoms because of coronavirus. Will we ever get our freedom back? What do the Scriptures say?

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Building the Beast?

The enemy has a plan for the world with the beast system, but YHWH has His plans with His Remnant. Watch a live introductory video about this on this upcoming Yom Teruah at our free members site – Sign up at

If there is one name that encapsulates a future-oriented person, that name would have to be “Elon Musk.” Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not an Elon Musk fan. My values and worldview could not be further from his. However, Elon Musk will have his way, and people will be lining up in droves to get their head drilled, and their brains connected to the AI god.

Why do I believe this? Not only because Elon Musk has been so good at reading the future of this 21st century world. I believe it because I see it foretold in Bible Prophecy for our very near future.

My Victory Over Death

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Papal Visits and Book of Daniel

Pope Francis, The Vatican, Barrack Obama, the US Congress, The United Nations, Agenda 2030, Agenda 21 on Steroids, World Government, the New World Order – Where does all of this fit together in Bible Prophecy? What about the timing – Does this mean the Rapture is about to happen? Has the Tribulation started? If not, is it about to start? How will these events affect your life? What should you do? When should you do it? Pope Francis has arrived in the USA. His visit includes meeting with President Obama, addressing Congress, and speaking before the United Nations UN General Assembly. As we observe this spectacle, these are the questions many Christian and Messianic believers wonder about. This video will give you concrete answers directly from Scripture to answer these questions, to get you ready for earth-shaking changes foretold in Bible prophecy in Daniel and Revelation. This video also offers you a free Bible Prophecy seminar that makes sense of these recent events in the light of the prophecies of Daniel. The seminar is called The Beasts of Daniel Surfacing and you can sign up for it at absolutely no cost at This video will give you a sense of the teaching you can expect from this unique seminar.

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