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Beasts of Daniel Surfacing

This month IS special. Here at Tsiyon we have been getting ready for this. In fact, I have literally been getting ready for this all of my life. I was first introduced to the Book of Daniel as a young boy. As soon as I became aware of its startling prophecies I was captivated by it. I have sought knowledge and understanding of the Book of Daniel for decades, since that Daniel connection has had an ever-present call on my life. Even my firstborn son, now in his forties, I named  Daniel, in honor of the great prophet I have so admired. Through the decades much of what I had read about Daniel was shattered, as more and more truth came to light.

Since the beginning of this century I have been marking off the passage of the years according to the Book of Daniel, to the moment when I could finally share what I have seen in this amazing Book.

In all of that time I have not been released to teach from the Book of Daniel at all. Now, finally, this month, of this Shmita year of 2015, it is finally time! I am released to begin teaching from the Book of Daniel!

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