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Disaster is falling upon the nations of the world. This decade began in disaster, as the bio-weapon pandemic and its maniacal aftermath gripped the world. Millions have died. Millions more are still reeling from adverse health effects, economic effects and relationship effects – and massive loss of personal freedoms in countries around the world. Since the experimental mRNA inoculation campaign began in 2021, bizarre health effects have been experienced by many, with more deaths following on the shot than for any vaccine in history. Verified news stories abound of strong young athletes (and even children) suddenly falling over – dead. Recent insurance company reports tell of death rates from all causes among working-age people that have unexplainably jumped as much as 40% and more. As early as April of 2020 Tsiyon was warning the public where the bio-weapon was taking us, in our video The Devil’s Chessboard. We weren’t wrong…
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