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Introducing: Fast Track!

Tsiyon Fast Track: You can get up to speed with Tsiyon in 2021! Enroll today.

Introducing: Tsiyon Fast Track!  We’ve made this new study course especially for you.  You’ve likely read one or more of Eliyahu ben David’s books, and listened to a Tsiyon Road Radio. If so, then you know the excellent Spiritual content Eliyahu shares with believers everywhere. Eliyahu’s teachings aren’t sound-bites but deep, meaty, Scriptural truth!  All of that rich Spiritual content, may have left you feeling it is difficult to know where to begin your studies with Tsiyon. If you have ever felt that way, then you are going to enjoy our new course of study: Tsiyon Fast Track! This free, but immensely valuable, course is now available to help you come up-to-speed with the Tsiyon prophecy seminars and other teachings. Register, then login, at Tsiyon Tabernacle to begin your Tsiyon Fast Track study today. When you do, you will discover your inner spirit growing closer to your Creator. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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