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Israel Intersects the World

Image of present day Caesarea acts 10 Israel intersects the World

In our last Tsiyon News we began writing about Bible prophecy being fulfilled in the State of Israel, and with her neighbor countries in the region. In that article I offered a brief history of Israel, David, and the Temple over the last 3000 years – and the relationship of all of that to Bible prophecy in our day. That article lays the groundwork for what I’m sharing here today. If you would like to read that, you can find it here: Tsiyon News. The point established by all of that history is this: there is an undying connection between the Davidic Dynasty and the Temple of YHWH. Also in that Tsiyon News, Scriptural support showing that even though the Temple was destroyed almost 2000 years ago, Bible prophecy demands that a Third Temple must exist in the Last Days, before Messiah’s Return. We pick up that thread here with this question: Is there any indication that the building of a Third Temple in Jerusalem is getting closer to being built? . . . read more

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