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Charles the antichrist?

Could Charles be AntiChrist? Consider the evidence for the Royals and King Charles III:
Much of the world is literally owned by the royals. That’s not conspiracy theory, that’s a well-documented fact. For example, the Queen of England held title to land valued at $33,000,000,000,000 (Thirty-three trillion USD). The implications of so much wealth in one family are huge. Now, all of that wealth and power have come under the control of King Charles III. Long before now, Charles, as Prince of Wales, was identified by researchers and historians as fitting the profile for the Biblical antichrist. The connections of the Royals with the Rothschild family, of global banking fame, and how these two families are intertwined, provides but one of many fascinating streams of evidence. Now that Charles has ascended the throne his new status as king moves the case beyond mere research, onto the world stage.

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