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My Latest Title..

Tsiyon Edition Targum Isaiah In English with Parallel Jewish and Christian Texts is my latest book, but not mine only. This volume required multiple editors and the best layout expert available to make it the highly usable volume that it is. Many thanks to everyone who worked on it! It includes Targum Isaiah as well as both a Jewish and a Christian text. All three texts track together throughout the book for easy comparison. The book has a larger form factor to accommodate the three translations of Isaiah. There are three indexes and other helpful features to help readers get the most out of this resource. Why Targum Isaiah, you might ask? Targum Isaiah dates from before the birth of Christ, and it represents the thinking of the Hillel School, the most influential Rabbinical school of the period. Targum Isaiah thus reveals the most prominent thinking of the first century Jewish community on the topics discussed in Isaiah. This becomes much more interesting when we realize that Isaiah is the most quoted book of the prophets in all of the New Testament. Targum Isaiah literally bridges the gap between the first century Synagogue and the early Messianic believers. Trust me, it’s mind blowing! Our edition is also an amazing value, since Targum Isaiah usually retails from $100 to $250. Ours lists at about $23, putting this volume into the hands of just about anyone who wants to dig into this fascinating material.

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  1. Kathy Kathy

    Tsiyon Edition of Targum Isaiah should be on everyone’s reading list. It gives much needed insight into what the Jews believed about Messiah before He was ever born. The parallel Jewish and Christian translations make this so very readable. I honestly can’t say enough about this book; get it and read it and tell your friends about it.

  2. DawnP DawnP

    I cannot recommend this book highly enough, it is an outstanding achievement. The layout makes it very easy to read and to compare with the parallel Biblical texts and it is full of surprises on almost every page!

    The most wonderful thing about this book is that it truly raises Messiah up and makes it clear that the first century Jews were expecting a Divine Messiah. Anyone who reads this Targum honestly, and with an open mind, can be in no doubt as to the divinity of Yeshua.

    Thank you Eliyahu for producing such worthy fruit for the Kingdom.
    All praise to YHWH for giving us this precious gift!

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