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Author: Zarach Publishing

Ministry Partner Annoucement

Announced to Tsiyon Ministry Partners the free download and pre-publication orders of the new book in the Messianic Revelation Series by Eliyahu ben David during the weekly meetings for ministry partners. Everyone was excited to see a preview of what’s to come. Zarach Publishing recently interviewed ben David about his upcoming book and published the conent to the new Messianic Revelation book series web site.

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Wanna Share?

Want a great way to share an On The Road To Tsiyon broadcast with one of your friends?  Want to ask the local radio station to carry Tsiyon Radio programing, but need a sample copy to point them do?  Check out the Internet Archive.  They have a copy of the popular program: The Matrix-Two Worlds available for download from their web site in various formats including: an audio stream, VBR MP3, Ogg Vorbis, and MP3.

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