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Yeshua’s Narrow Way live-stream series

Consider what Yeshua (the authentic Hebrew “Jesus”) said: “Straight is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leads to life, and few there be who find it”  (Matthew 7:14). As you read those words, did you notice that what Yeshua said is not exactly the same as what many have been taught? “Straight is the Gate…that leads to life” is the message of many churches. This amounts to saying that you can only enter into life through faith in Jesus. This is entering the Gate to Life, Salvation, and that statement is true. Yet, what about the rest of what Yeshua said?: “..narrow is the way, which leads to life, and few there be who find it.” What is that narrow way found by only a few? Passing through a gate is not an end in itself. Passing through a gate is a momentary act, starting out. Walking a way is something entirely different, it is ongoing and far more rigorous. The purpose of passing through a gate is to access the path that will take you to your destination. Yeshua’s narrow way to life is the Way one must walk after passing through the Gate to eventually arrive at Eternal Life. Unfortunately, that “way” of Yeshua is seldom taught or modeled in any real depth. The purpose of this weekly live stream, Yeshua’s Narrow Way, is to remedy that omission. Our goal is to bring Yeshua’s Narrow Way to all who Messiah will call, that they may walk the authentic path of Yeshua, revealed in all four Gospels, and in all of the Scriptures. From week to week we are following Yeshua through the Gospels, digging deeply into His family, His Hebraic heritage, His interactions with others, His teachings, His fulfillment of Scripture, and so much more. We will answer the most controversial questions people have raised about His actions, His words, and His life. Some of the people on our live panel have been closely following Yeshua for decades, with many years of study and personal experience with Him, ready to share from all of that wealth with you. This is a place where all viewers of good will who request it may receive individual prayer in His name to meet the real prayer needs they bring during the live meeting. Questions and comments of viewers are accommodated in real time. If you are serious about following the authentic Son of God, this live stream is for you.

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