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the wolves want your lunch!

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From Eliyahu

Consider this:

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves.” With these words Yeshua begins the final warnings that bring the Sermon on the Mount to a close. (Matthew 7:15)

So, what is a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Of course, such a thing does not literally exist. Wolves have neither the intelligence nor the ability to fashion clothing from the wool of sheep, let alone disguise themselves in such deceptive garb. While literal wolves can’t do that, human ‘wolves’ can, and often do, in the figurative sense. We are talking about covering over a selfish hidden agenda with what looks like sincere words and actions – which words and actions are a ruse, a deception designed to separate the victim from his valuables. These valuables may include favor, praise, money, ones friends, spouse, family members, or even one’s life. Such deceptive arts are included in witchcraft and sorcery, since they proceed from the very bowels of the devil himself. No wonder our Lord told us to beware of such wolves!

OK, this next part is pretty creepy, but very instructive. I asked myself ‘What sort of person best illustrates someone who behaves like a wolf in sheep’s clothing’? The best answer I could come up with is a serial killer. I promise not to make this graphic – just a focus on the deceptive tactics these criminals use to lure in victims. I found an article on the internet entitled Top Ten Sinister Tricks Serial Killer’s Use To Trap Their Victims. The article begins like this:

“When it comes to investigating the minds of serial killers, it is their ability to hunt for prey with such cunning and calmness that disturbs us the most. For the rest of us well-adjusted people who have empathy for other human beings, we would never dream of harming another person, yet for the serial killer—manipulation and domination over others is like a walk in the park. So how did some of the world’s most notorious ensnare their victims? They used sinister tricks which will hopefully encourage others to think twice about a stranger’s true intention before falling into their deadly trap.”

As I reviewed the cases I was impressed with the fact that these criminals actually did clothe themselves to make themselves appear as something they were not – wolves’ in sheep’s clothing – something harmless or even helpful. Here is one example:

“Charles William Davis was a serial killer who stalked his victims in Maryland during the 1970s. He was an ambulance driver and also the son of a police lieutenant which he used this to his twisted advantage. Davis would stalk his female victims until they parked outside a store or restaurant, he used his father’s police contacts to run the license plate and then message the pager number claiming she had left her car lights on. Once the woman returned to her car [the crime would occur].”

Today we call them “first responders” and many of us view them as heroes, which some of them certainly are. Charles Davis was a first responder, but he was no hero. He used the cover of favor by society as a weapon to deceive and kill. As the old adage says, “you can’t judge a book by its cover.” While I think we would all agree that Charles Davis used an exceptionally detailed and deceptive cover, others were able to reach their nefarious goals with far simpler deceptions. Such was the case with Catherine and David Birnie, a depraved duo from Perth, Australia.

“The couple stalked females who were alone and could be tricked into accepting a ride because there was Catherine reassuring them it was safe to get into the car. [Using this tactic they] ..murdered four victims. ..Their final intended victim was 17-year-old Kate Moir who said she accepted a ride from the “harmless-looking” couple. She soon realized the door handle in the car had been removed and she was trapped. ..Moir was able to make a brave escape.”

Catherine and David Birnie seemed like a nice couple just trying to help out by offering a ride. That Catherine, a woman was there, was enough reassurance to get the victim in the car. Things are not always what they seem on the outside. Hidden motives can surely be deadly.

Serial killers aren’t that different from “false prophets.” How so? you ask. Tap Here to Read more…

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