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Lord of the Rings – Insights into the growing darkness of this Last Age

From Eliyahu

Consider this:

Perceiving the hidden things.2020 may be the darkest year in living memory. Fires across Australia, locust plagues of Biblical proportions in multiple countries, natural disasters, and the awful and confusing shock of Coronavirus killing hundreds of thousands and bringing the world to a near standstill for months – with no end in sight. The global economy is faltering, with all kinds of shortages, jobs lost, businesses destroyed, houses of worship vacated -all by government decree. On the international level, nations are reeling, old disputes are erupting into violence and turmoil between nations, and the entire international order is overturned. Follow this up with devastating social unrest, cities burning, violence and murder, police under fire, historical monuments that have survived for many decades now being toppled and destroyed in the streets by unruly mobs, and, through all this, public officials refuse to uphold and enforce the law – even commending and literally bowing down to the lawbreakers, leaving ordinary citizens fearing for their safety and security, and even more so, for their future. In a time of unprecedented technology with a potential for greater enlightenment than ever before, the world has instead, sunk into a dense darkness of barbarism characterized by ignorance, rage, and profound confusion. An inexplicable mental illness seems to have engulfed the world. Why? Find out when you join Eliyahu ben David for this timely message regarding the Lord of the Rings – Insights into the growing darkness of this Last Age. In this live streamed presentation Eliyahu will use the Lord of the Rings to highlight the growing darkness of this last age of the world. Read more about it in this week’s Tsiyon News edition or join us for the live stream here at 8PM CST today, June 20th.

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