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Leaving the Big Show

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From Eliyahu

Hello Friends,

This has been the choice ever since the days of Justin Martyr in the mid second century A. D., when “The Church” broke off as a schism away from the Assembly of the early believers: Will you choose the Big Show or the Real Deal?

Humble Nazarean BelieversJustin learned about Messiah and his teachings from the Nazareans, but he didn’t want to take up the life of a Nazarean. It was too simple, too humble, for him. After all, he was a Roman who had been educated in all of the Greek philosophical schools of his day. To live as a Nazarean was beneath him, or so he thought.

At the same time, he saw the power that was latent in the Messianic gospel. He realized that if he adopted the Nazarean message, got rid of the Jews it came from, and added some bells and whistles from Greek philosophy – THEN he would have something! THEN he would have his ticket to fame and fortune!… Read More

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