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This is Eliyahu, thanks for dropping by at my website. My purpose here is to offer a personal perspective about me and my work. I know. Most people use Facebook for that. What can I say? I’m more of a website kind of guy.

If you’re reading this webpage I’m thinking you may not know me very well, as yet. My publisher bio pretty much covers the main points. Let’s start with that.

Publisher’s Bio of Eliyahu ben David

Who is Eliyahu ben David?

Faithful listeners of Eliyahu ben David’s weekly radio program, On The Road To Tsiyon, will tell you Eliyahu is an anointed teacher of the Scriptures.  Eliyahu ben David is the founder and director of Tsiyon Messianic Radio, which broadcasts to listeners in over 65 countries. Tsiyon Messianic Radio is known for sharing hard-hitting truth that simply is not broadcast anywhere else. 

Eliyahu ben David’s insights into the depths of the Scriptures have thrilled Bible students for over 30 years.  His vast ministry experience includes teaching in home fellowships, churches of various denominations, conventions and other large gatherings, am, fm, shortwave, satellite and internet radio, podcasting, blogging, and cutting edge internet venues.  Eliyahu ben David has personally ministered on four continents and works tirelessly at uniting people of like Scriptural faith from all over the world. 

Eliyahu has recently finished authoring the first volume of the seven volume The Messianic Revelation Series. Previously he has authored two other books: Holy Order Restored and Holy Time.  Residing in Texas, he is also a successful father of five home-schooled children. As a Spirit-led Scripture researcher and teacher, Eliyahu ben David has discovered truth that will amaze you and will uplift your life.

–Zarach, Publisher Bio

That bio tells you what I do, but it doesn’t really tell you why. My books give you more of the why, especially Holy Order RestoredHoly Order Restored, was first written nearly 20 years ago. The current edition is an update, but the basic content is unchanged. Some of the concepts in the book were written way ahead of their time. For example, that book contains concepts about the antediluvian world that were unknown when written, but that have gained traction over the past few years. Holy Order Restored details some of my own experiences with YHWH (God’s Name transliterated from Hebrew). He is my inspiration and the reason why I do pretty much everything I do. Holy Order Restored talks extensively about how the whole man/woman relationship is supposed to work, from His point of view. Quite a few comments from readers have come my way telling me that this book has been a life changer for them.

Here’s the inside scoop on me you will get from that book: Decades ago I had a personal encounter with Messiah that totally changed and energized my life, as He filled me with His Spirit and sent me out in His name. For me, that was a lot like being shot out of a cannon. That cannon ball is still going strong from the power of that encounter. Seriously, people half my age can’t keep up with me. Why? I have focus and drive born of a mission in my life that must be fulfilled. I feel bad for people who don’t know who they are or what their life is about. That’s not me. I know exactly who I am and what I’m about. I see myself through Messiah’s lens, which is a gift that has come to me through years of walking closely with Him.

Yes, that has been challenged through many trials, everyone of which proved to be no match for the power behind the cannon ball. For example, a few years ago one of our kids fell out of a tree and broke his back in four places. We were told that he would not survive, yet, he did. As you can imagine, this was a big challenge for our entire family, but it only drew us all closer than ever. It could not stop my work, either. I even put out a book right in the midst of that ordeal. Now, our son is in a wheelchair, but that does not prevent him from living a normal and happy life, right along with the rest of us.

More recently, our home and headquarters were burned down. Nothing left but ashes. There may have been foul play involved. This fire displaced us for months, but was not enough to stop the mission, or even our latest book, Tsiyon Edition Targum Isaiah.

Perhaps some of this is too personal, but I’ve included it here to let you know this site is not a lot of marketing fluff. I’m not writing books and recording programs to make money or to make people like me. I’m a driven man – driven to tell you the truth. Once you hear it or read it you may hate me for it. Most of my heroes were killed for telling the truth. On the other hand, you may actualize the truth I have to share in your own life and be blessed. I warn you though, if you dare to enter into my world, you will be changed.

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